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I really love to help people feel better and heal. I am an advanced Reiki Master/Teacher (A.R.T.) holding frequent Reiki training courses to not only heal but share my gifts with the collective. I am also qualified and certified to offer expert mentoring sessions to help my clients navigate the challenges and trauma of Narcissistic Abuse. All my healing sessions are master level, and a deep healing personal attunement will give you a much more profound healing experience. This personal attunement will be held privately at my studio or in your home and be arranged for small groups. Prepare for a sacred experience that will uplift and really heal you on all levels.

My healing mentoring sessions are fully are focusing on providing a safe space to unload from the trauma of dealing with toxic relationships - with someone who truly gets and understands this niche area. Sessions provide an action plan for immediate healing and clients need to be prepared for some light post session homework :) to enable themselves the best chance of fully healing. I can provide these sessions remotely if preferred.


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