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This is the ultimate healing fusion experience courtesy of Luna Rock Wellness & Healing. Master level Reiki, soulful  massage, Indian Head massage with an Ayurvedic anti-gravity facial massage. Crystal healing added into this ultimate healing experience. Based in central Cheltenham


My signature energetic rebirth! I have been healing for around 15 years now and this master level treatment is a wonderfully restorative experience. Fully clothed, you will be asked to relax on a heated bed as I cleanse your energy and balance your chakras (energy to wheels). I focus on removing energetic blockages (often brought on by stress or illness) raising your vibration and clearing your meridians. Reiki is similar to Acupuncture but without the needles which is welcomed by many as the experience is very calming and gentle. I include a light mask over the eyes so you can go deeper into the experience, along with energetic clearing, crystal healing, and various mists, oils, incense and soft touch to really maximise your healing.


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