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Get the ultimate wow brow with this pampering and peaceful eyebrow treatment with Luna Rock Wellness & Healing. Lamination and tint, included free master level Reiki and/ or arm/hand massage. Based in central Cheltenham


It’s really great to feel fabulous on the inside and also celebrate and enhance what we have on the outside! This way we can feel confident, at our best and ready for the world. I offer expert and gentle threading, healing eyebrow laminations and lash lifts that enable you to reduce getting ready time and also mean you can wear less make-up. Enhance your best features with my treatments. Perfect for occasions or holidays or just every day wear where you are ready to rock. In the in between stages of these beauty treatment, I add in master level Reiki healing with crystals or a nurturing massage of the arms /shoulders to really enhance the experience. These treatments really enhance the eyes - the window to your soul….so you can shine bright, at your absolute best.


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