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Deep tissue massage with Luna Rock Wellness & Healing. Recover from injuries, remove knots, stiffness and chronic pain. Reduce inflammation and speed up recovery. Based in central Cheltenham


I provide a soulful and healing journey through the medium of massage, focusing on intuitive massage that can be Swedish or can be deeper. Or in between! I use high grade organic oils that I source myself with care, you can choose from a variety of oils that you resonate best with. As with all my treatments I weave in master level Reiki, crystal healing and various mists/sage/palm santo for energetic clearing. If you want to opt for a deeper tissue style massage to help heal injured fascia and/ or damaged tissues then I can offer this to promote healing of muscles and flexibility. Perhaps your are a sports person with knots, or you just have tightness that won’t go away. I use active stretching and trigger points to apply deeper pressure to remove knots and encourage those with pain or chronic stiffness to opt for this style of massage rather than relaxing. Please be aware I use elbows, knuckles and forearms in addition to my hands for deeper massages.

My visitors and clients often report feeling a very nurturing and calm energy as soon as they enter my treatment room…

Are you ready for your soul elevation..?


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