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Deep Healing Attunement (personal)


Session time: 60 mins

A wonderfully unique sacred offering which will enable everyone to benefit from what is known as a 'Healing Attunement'..

This is a deep and personal Reiki Healing Attunement which is only experienced for deep healing purposes. (not for treating others or for training in Reiki) It brings the recipient immediate and powerful healing and a much higher frequency of energies than those received during even a master level treatment.

The Attunement will help remove any negative energy from the physical body and also the chakras, clearing the mind of negative thoughts/energy/ attachments, cleansing the aura and removing any other blockages that might be present or holding you back in some way.

I hold these Healing Attunements from my peaceful studio in central Cheltenham, UK - however, I can also arrange for these healing attunements to take place over Zoom if preferred and they can be received all over the globe.

Attunements in person can be undertaken in groups of 4 max or privately, for a small supplementary fee. All attunements whether in person, online or in groups are priced at £175. There is an extra £50 extra fee for all private attunements. Private attunement sessions will take 60 minutes as I will need to discuss your wishes and desires for the attunement prior to starting. I seal and bless your attunement with master Level Reiki healing at the end while you are seated. Group attunements will require you to email your desires and wishes to me prior to the session to ensure privacy. The group attunement session may take up to 90 minutes dependent on number of attendees. This closes with a group seated healing session with master level Reiki. Online attunements require the same time.

If you have an urgent crisis for example, if you are poorly, I am able to reschedule your appointment with a minimum of 48 hours notice. However, if you contact me later than this, it may not be possible. 

Please be aware that once booked, all bookings are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

If you're going to be more than ten minutes late, please call 07746 529364. If you are later than 15 minutes I may not be able to treat you fully. Please be aware I will not be able to extend your appointment time due to my next client slots, so please make sure you arrive on time to avoid disappointment. 

Please arrive on time for your appointment But not early as the door downstairs is kept locked at all times. You will likely be waiting outside if you do so arrive as booked to avoid this. 

Thank you for your understanding and your business. 🙌🫶

Deep Healing Attunement (personal)


How do I book a treatment?

All treatments require pre-booking and pre-payment via the website.

Am I required to complete a medical questionnaire?

All treatments require you to fill in our medical questionnaire and returning this completed confirms you consent to your treatment and any liability is waived.

Do you use any products during your treatments?

Everything I use - oils, chakra balms, mists etc - is/are organic and natural. All treatments include free crystal healing, free energy cleansing. If you would prefer not to have this, please let us know.

What's included with treatments?

  • Water or a hot herbal tea
  • Heated bed and heated oils
  • Free health consult.

Where do treatments take place?

The treatment room is nestled inside Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga Studio, on the top floor. When you arrive, please whatsapp/ call me so I can come down to greet you and open/lock the door.

Please be aware that this is a working yet peaceful yoga studio, with students coming in and out, there are toilets onsite also.

When should I arrive for my treatment?

Please arrive on time, if you are early I may still be in treatment and the door remains locked downstairs and may not be able to let you in if I am still treating. If you are late, I will still need to finish at the end of your treatment time so please allow plenty of time to travel and do call if you are going be later than ten minutes past your treatment time.

Is there any parking?

Local parking, (if driving) pay on street available near by, central NCP Cheltenham car parks, free 2 hour car parking is also available next to Sandford park.

What preparation do I need to do before treatment?

  • Please arrive with an open heart so you can relax and enjoy your soul adventure
  • Please arrive with no mascara for lash lift treatments
  • Please arrive with no facial make up for Indian head treatments
  • Please arrive with no eyebrow make up on for eyebrow laminations
  • Beauty treatments (lash lift and eyebrow lamination require a patch test (at least 24 hours. Prior) prior to treatment, please ensure you contact me in addition to booking to organise this. (WhatsApp, email or telephone). This only needs to be done once, I cannot treat you unless this has been completed prior to treatment.

What should I wear for Reiki treatments?

Reiki treatments take place fully clothed. You may release heavy emotions during the treatment or after, this is entirely normal, healthy and a sign of deep healing.

For Reiki training please bring a healthy lunch with all manuals/documents. No alcohol the day before, comfy clothing and warm socks are ideal.

What pressure do you use for massage?

Massage pressure can be adjusted to your needs and preferences. Again emotional release as well as physical is expected

How will I feel post treatment?

Be careful driving post-treatment, drinks lots of water to flush away toxins, feeling tired is normal and a sign of a deep release. Ideally give yourself adequate space after your treatment to rest afterwards .


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