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Transcend fear…become the alchemist of your life!

Transcend fear…become the alchemist of your life!

Life is simply a roller coaster of a journey isn't it? We all have many twists and turns we can relate to and have to navigate. Challenges to go through we can’t avoid. We all experience adversity, pain, joy and happiness at various times in our lives. And the list goes on. One essential thing we can do in life is to remind ourselves that we are blessed to have reached the age we have, and despite all of the above we are still standing and smiling! Tomorrow is never promised as they say and we must try not to sweat the small stuff. Although it’s a bit cliched to write those words they are oh so true IMHO. 

As I have progressed through my holistic career I have developed a more conscious way of tuning into what I need to do next. I'm becoming aware of intuitive downloads being trickled into my psyche, kind of little guiding messages from the universe that pop up into my mind every now and then. As I have grown older and a little wiser (hopefully ;), I've started to tune into this, become more aware of what I am being told/guided to do. I'm now actually listening to that inner calling a little more instead of ignoring it. Those downloads...the guidance…or whatever you want to call it. I noticed that whenever I ignore these 'downloads''s all goes to.... :) 

So - what were/are the downloads saying? Well quite simply to get on with it! It began dawning on me that I needed to get real with myself. I had a dream that was lingering in the background but I was not realising it. I was not taking action and the dream was just that. A dream floating around in my head and tickling my grey matter. In the 3D world..I actually needed to take action to take my business to the next level, to rebrand my business, and start a little expanded empire outside of the home. I knew I needed to take action to develop my business further to really fulfill it's potential - and ultimately mine. But I kept using excuses...I don't have the resources, I don't have the time right now... It will disrupt my current work routine. If the truth be told alot of the blockages came from fear of the unknown and going outside of my comfort zone. Did you know 'Face the fear...and do it anyway' is a book I have already read. Tut tut...

So I decided this time to push through the fear...and not just read about doing just do it! Fear is not an emotion that I like to cave into, although many times I do and have in my life. In my mind, I know fear is an illusion as mostly those scarey feary thoughts are never ever going to come true. But it becomes a big task to actualise your dreams doesn't it?

These feary thoughts are simply the black shadow of your consciousness stopping your potential and progression. And if they actually did come true - and the worst case scenario did happen. What would you or I do? We would take the appropriate action to remedy the situation of course! So then there is nothing really to fear. And if you can decide to take action in your mind - you can definitely do it in the 3D world. And here's the thing - if the great big dangerous and angry Tiger really appeared, you’d definitely run like Linford Christie or play dead! 

This is a great and very profound life lesson that you can apply to any scenario in your personal or business life. Next time you feel the fear, I say remind yourself it's an illusion….and definitely do it anyway! Prepare to grit, work hard and then launch yourself and your new goal, business or project to the next level...

I am so excited and proud to have take that leap of faith to launch Luna Rock Wellness & Healing. It would have been easier to sit on my laurels. But the hard work has been so worth it and infact I'm grateful for and so lucky to have a lovely team of experts who have been guiding me along the way. Because we can't ever hope to do it all ourselves.

For example, the wonderful web team over at Blue Horizons Marketing have created my wonderful new website! My amazing friends, family and partner helped me build my treatment room. I did the painting, the overall creative direction but the eye-catching logo was created by my sister who is also a talented grapic designer responsible for angel.a design on Insta. And so on.

So lean on those you can who have the appropriate skills - or pay a professional if you can. It's so ace when gifted people come together to help build a dream. A new business. You can just feel the positive energy building. You might just find those around you would love to help you build your dream so go ahead and ask. We are after all one of the same energy. 

I really love to help heal people and give them the skills to develop their personal wellbeing and boost their wellness. This is the driving force behind what I do as I just adore helping and healing others through their pain and challenges. I am super interested in self awareness, holistic health, fitness, energy, psychology and why we behave the way we do as human kind. I love experimenting with energy (actually I am slightly obsessed... ) and also with the subtle layers of who we are. 

I am nestled on the top floor in the gorgeous Ella and Fleur Hot Yoga Studio in central Cheltenham. I’ve attached some snaps to this blog to show you the style. My new studio has been birthed into a very special sacred new space that has been built from scratch with help from some amazing friends, family and biz contacts which I am so very grateful for. It resembles and feels like a rustic wooden log cabin from Finland and is my peaceful corner of the universe where I share the gift of inner peace and healing with others.

My Finnish roots have inspired the style and decor. I’m also a little obsessed with wood and nature. During my childhood, I'm so lucky to have grown up spending many happy summers with the family in wonderful wooden cabins there,  hidden deep in nature. So Luna Rock Wellness & Healing is my happy space which mirrors those memories which I very much wish to share with you. I always retreated (and still do!) to Finland when work got busy or life got a little too overwhelming as it was such a healing sanctuary....and it will forever hold a dear space in my heart. 

So now when I go to gorgeous log cabin Luna studio echoes daily memories of that safe peaceful place. Just super elated to have the opportunity to do this every day ✨🙌 and connect with my roots - and of course share the high frequencies of that peaceful state with all of you.

I’m hoping this little story can help inspire some of you reading it. I’m also hoping you can start to transcend those fear blocks that might be holding you back in some way in your personal or business life. Remember to ask for help and  be prepared to work hard to reach those goals and turn them into a reality. But if I can do can you. If this blog can trigger you becoming the alchemist of your life and transcending that destructive fear into positive action to better your life, whether personally or professionally, then my job is done here.

If you need some restoration or healing and would like to book a treatment, experience or training with, please do not hesitate to connect. Thanks to the wonderful web team at Blue Horizons Marketing you can now book online or just simply browse treatments/training by going to the products or collection pages on my website.

Thanks for dropping by and reading my little blog..I’ll be back soon 🙏


Nina ✨🌙🙌




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