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Namaste with Nina (Vinyasa flow no heat + master level Reiki)

Namaste with Nina (Vinyasa flow no heat + master level Reiki)

Awaken your entire system - body, soul and mind with Nina as she infuses her yoga experiences and sessions with master level Reiki and inspiration from the shores of Goa, India where she trained and delivers a wonderful 5 week course to cleanse your OM for the summer season.

Taking place at the beautiful Ella and Fleur in Cheltenham, every Thursday for 5 weeks, 11.30am-12.30pm, starting on 16th June 2022, for 5 weeks. This course has been designed to help your take your practise into the summer months with me, without the heat.

Nina's yoga sessions are designed to ignite your energetic field and cleanse your entire system....removing stress, stretching away stiffness and heavy energy. As a result, dull life force energy is removed and cleared from the body and auric field. Master level energy cleansing will take place at the both the beginning and end of every session to balance your chakras and energetic system. A very powerful technique to remove stress, emotional blockages and physical strain.

No heat for this course and beginners and every level of yogi are very welcome to join us. Book online now to secure your place

Please bring mats and water and and open heart.

Looking forward to sharing this with you all.

Blessings, Nina x


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