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Full Moon Me-tox Meditation & Group Healing March 25th 2024

Full Moon Me-tox Meditation & Group Healing March 25th 2024

Prepare to shed the old version of you and totally renew under the powerful restorative energies of the full Worm moon. Release heavy negative energy with our wonderfully healing private Full Moon Me-tox Meditation group healing session. Release what no longer serves you on the Worm full moon evening itself, Monday, 25th March 2024, 7pm-8.30pm with a beautifully intimate meditation focusing on harnessing the magic of the Worm moon. Let go of stress, anxieties, release toxins, stagnancy and soak up a powerful grounding meditation that is fused with full moon energy and master level Reiki healing to clear energy, emotional blockages and reset your energetic system. 

After the meditation, the session also includes the opportunity to purchase the wonderful and very popular products from Sweet Harmony UK at a unique discounted rate, browse/choose from Sage, Palo Santo and wonderful hand-crafted botanical products such as holistic healing candles and unique  cleansing sprays that clear energy, contain healing crystal fragments, smell amazing, and are all blessed and charged under the full moon.

The Worm moon is inspired from the 1760s, when Captain Jonathan Carver visited the Naudowessie (Dakota) and other Native American tribes and wrote that the name Worm Moon refers to a different sort of “worm”—beetle larvae—which begin to emerge from the thawing bark of trees and other winter hideouts at this time. This moon signifies the powerful transition from Winter to Spring, where you can release the long, dark months of Winter in a safe and healing environment. Meditating at this time will help shedding of the lethargic dark energy of the Winter months and help you re-set your energy and subtle bodies ready for the magic of Spring!

Join us to celebrate this energetic transition from Winter to Spring by alchemising your own energy during this unique and healing session, as we hold space for you to take full advantage of the Worm moon energy to maximise your seasonal elevation. Surrender to a complete renewal of your personal (and collective) energy and allow us to safely guide you through this seasonal journey to a lighter and brighter version of yourself.

We will also be offering hot lemon tea to assist the cleansing of the old and supporting an internal detox, some nice light nibbles and a cosy intimate environment to surrender, release and heal. If you would like to bring a blanket please do so, we will provide everything else, pillows, mats, or if you prefer lying down and/or somewhere comfy to sit during the session please let us know. Places are limited so please book online to secure your place and avoid disappointment.

The session will take place in Cheltenham at the following location - Pittville, central Cheltenham 

We simply cannot wait to share this very special evening with you all!

Sending full moon blessings 🌕💫✨✨

Nina & Caley



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